Comprehensive Collateral Solution for Adriatic Sea Port Development

Objective: Attain robust collateral for private investors and commercial lending, amounting to €52 million.

Facility Secured: Collaborative effort of Balkan Provider Group and Dubai Lender

  • Collateral Transfer Facility: Secured a substantial €52 million
  • Secured Private Investment: Bolstered by a significant €44.2 million
  • Annual Contract Fee: Set at 5.75%
  • Term: Initial 12 months, renewable up to 3 years if necessary
  • Deposit against Contract Fee: Established at €355,000

A European-based development consortium meticulously outlined plans for an ambitious Adriatic Coast sea port project encompassing commercial port facilities, storage spaces, and a residential development featuring a private marina for leisure craft.

Redeure successfully orchestrated the acquisition of a Collateral Transfer Facility and private investment exceeding €40 million for the project. Beyond financial aspects, Redeure played a pivotal role in assisting the consortium with various licensing and approval processes. Leveraging inter-client relationships and utilizing the local expertise of existing Redeure  clients in the region, the consortium’s goals and objectives were seamlessly achieved.

While the project is ongoing, Redeure, in collaboration with regional associates, remains committed to providing continuous support and assistance. Part of this commitment involves maintaining the facility for swift accessibility upon demand, even though it has not been fully drawn down at present. Anticipating ongoing success, Redeure eagerly looks forward to sharing more comprehensive updates on achievements with this exciting, evolving project in the future.

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