Strategic Expansion for European Gaming and Hotel Consortium

Objective: Acquire suitable collateral and secure a lender to provide loan funds totaling €36 million.

Facility Secured: Collaboration with European Provider Group and Dubai Lender

  • Collateral Transfer Facility: Secured a substantial €36 million
  • Annual Contract Fee: Set at 5.35%
  • Term: Initial 12 months, renewable up to an extended 7 years
  • Deposit against Contract Fee: Established at €415,000

Client Profile: A European-owned gaming and hotel consortium with a successful track record, aiming to expand operations in Croatia, Macedonia, and Montenegro.

Challenges: Existing physical assets committed for mortgage security, requiring additional collateral to secure additional borrowings.

Redeure’s Solution:

  1. Strategic Financing: Secured third-party investment and structured credit line using a Collateral Transfer Facility.
  2. Competitive Terms: Leveraged the sustainable revenue stream from existing facilities to negotiate favorable terms.
  3. Extended Facility Term: Negotiated a long facility term of up to 7 years to accommodate the client’s potential longer-term needs.


  • Successfully facilitated funding requirements for expansion.
  • Arranged a competitive exit strategy for future funding against tangible assets.
  • Strengthened the client’s financial position for sustained growth.

This case exemplifies how Redeure’s expertise in collateral transfer and strategic financing played a pivotal role in supporting the client’s expansion goals while ensuring flexibility and sustainability in their financial structure.

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