Embark on a seamless journey to secure capital with Redeure’s Collateral Transfer Facilities. Begin by submitting a Client Information Profile, initiating a meticulous process of due diligence and compliance. Our financiers diligently craft Indicative Terms, providing a comprehensive outline for your financial needs. Upon acceptance, dive into a binding agreement through a detailed Term Sheet, solidifying the transaction’s terms.

As the process unfolds, Collateral Offers are presented, leading to the critical Collateral Transfer Agreement. Benefit from the support of our compliance department and financial experts, ensuring a swift and efficient procedure. We welcome inquiries, recognizing the importance of client understanding throughout every stage of this dynamic financial solution. The complete list of steps is as follows:

Submission of Client Information Profile (CIP):

    • Initiate the process by submitting a completed CIP form either manually or online at CIP Form.
    • Upon receipt, your information will be promptly acknowledged.

Due Diligence and Compliance Check:

    • Our compliance department, mandated by law, will conduct due diligence and identification verification.
    • Initial approval will be sought from financiers, paving the way for application acceptance.

Indicative Terms and Initial Approval:

    • Financiers identify a suitable provider, obtaining Indicative Terms outlining the basic offer, including pricing and maximum Bank Guarantee amount.
    • If acceptable, formal and detailed Terms are prepared in a binding Term Sheet contract, presenting all guarantee specifics.

Formal Acceptance and Booking Fee:

    • Upon receiving the Term Sheet, applicants formally accept the Terms within the validity period (typically 14 days).
    • The Binding Agreement is solidified by paying the Booking Fee to Redeure.

Collateral Allocation and Offer Presentation:

    • Redeure initiates collateral allocation with the Provider, leading to the issuance of a formal Collateral Offer to the Beneficiary.
    • The Collateral Offer, a binding contract, sets the stage for issuing the Bank Guarantee through the Collateral Transfer Agreement (CTA).

Security Deposit and Collateral Transfer Agreement (CTA):

    • If required, the Beneficiary makes a refundable Security Deposit, as specified in the Collateral Offer.
    • The Provider instructs the Issuing Bank, issuing the executed CTA, governing the transaction.

SWIFT Advice and Beneficiary Confirmation:

    • Issuing Bank sends a SWIFT advice to the recipient bank, verifying the pending transaction.
    • Beneficiary’s bank responds, confirming agreement to receive the Guarantee and providing necessary verifications.

Settlement of Contract Fees and Completion Fee:

    • Beneficiary demonstrates the ability to settle outstanding Contract Fees and Completion Fees.
    • If assisted by Redeure in raising credit facilities, the lender can settle fees directly; otherwise, the Beneficiary must demonstrate payment capability.

Expiration and Clearance:

    • Five days before expiry, Beneficiary clears any encumbrances on the Guarantee.
    • Allow 8 to 12 weeks for the entire procedure, with the potential for faster completion with full cooperation.

Enquiries and Clarifications:

    • We encourage questions and inquiries to ensure clients fully comprehend all aspects before application.